Spiritual Movement Crusaders

Spiritual Movement Crusaders

We are builders of the Body of Christ, going around the world preaching about Jesus Christ. Crusade website: www.spiritualmovement.co.zw

Message to be presented

1. What is Salvation & Freedom in Christ? Romans 7:14-25
2. You can attain permanent freedom from sin and live above sin, no matter who you are and what you have done. Romans 6:14
3. All who believe in Christ can develop a Personal Relationship with Him without anyone standing in between regardless of name, background, race or position in society or church. John 14:23
4. All who Believe in Christ can be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit regardless of name, background, race, or position in church or society Acts 10: 44-48
5. All who believe in Christ can become Holy 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8
6. All who believe in Christ can make Heaven their new Home. John 14:1-4

All are welcome regardless of denomination, we are here to build the body of Christ

Tell the world we are building together!